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The Rambowool story

The Rambowool story

Rambowool socks was named after our pet ram RAMBO.

Rambo was found abandoned in a paddock by my schnauzer Stollie.
Stollie and disappeared for a couple of hours and came back to the shearing shed, slowly nudging this baby lamb to follow him, to where the shearers  were working.

Rambo came home with Stollie who protectively looked after him till Rambo was able to fend for himself. Rambo was hand reared and treated like one of the family (I think he thought he was  a dog for the first 12 months of his life, he mimicked Stollie running and playing following him every where).

Rambo is now 5 years old he is a fine wool merino.
Rambo has horns that are massive and like our Socks, Rambo is full of attitude.Rambo lives in our home paddock as a very spoilt ram with a collection of other ewes that are pets.
Rambo's wool is used in the production of our wool socks, Australian made 


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